The best porcelain stoneware trends for 2024

Porcelain stoneware remains an essential choice for floor and wall coverings, both indoors and out. In 2024, it continues to reinvent itself to meet consumers' new expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability.

Discover the top porcelain stoneware trends for 2024, which will help you create elegant, modern and comfortable spaces.

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Imitation marble: a timeless classic

The marble effect is always appreciated for its elegance and sophistication. In 2024, marble imitations come in even more realistic colours and textures, for a breathtaking effect. Choose Calacatta white imitation marble porcelain stoneware with golden veins for a chic, timeless ambience, or intense black marble for a bolder style. Discover porcelain stoneware on this site.

Floral and plant motifs: nature invites itself into your home

Floral and plant motifs are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. In 2024, they are also becoming a strong trend in porcelain stoneware. Bring a touch of freshness and vitality to your spaces with tiles featuring tropical leaves, wild flowers or lush jungles.

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Large format: for larger spaces

Large-format tiles continue to grow in popularity, as they help to create an impression of space and modernity. In 2024, 120x120 cm, 100x250 cm and even larger formats are particularly popular. They are ideal for floors and walls in spacious rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

3D effect: for a striking optical effect

3D porcelain stoneware offers infinite possibilities for design and decoration. In 2024, 3D effects are becoming more and more sophisticated, creating striking optical effects. Choose relief tiles to add volume to your walls, or complex geometric patterns for an ultra-modern style.

Neutral, timeless colours

Neutral colours, such as white, beige, grey and taupe, are still a safe bet when it comes to decorating. In 2024, they come in subtle, refined shades to create soothing, warm ambiences.

In addition to the trends mentioned in this article, here are a few other points to note for 2024:

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment: consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly products. Porcelain stoneware manufacturers are therefore offering ranges of tiles made from recycled materials or using more environmentally-friendly production processes.
  • Technology and innovation: technology continues to evolve in the field of porcelain stoneware, making it possible to create ever more effective and innovative tiles. For example, there are tiles with antibacterial, anti-slip or self-cleaning properties.

With all these options available, you're sure to find the ideal porcelain stoneware to create the home of your dreams in 2024!


Porcelain stoneware offers an infinite range of possibilities for creating unique, personalised spaces. In 2024, the trends are turning towards imitation marble, natural patterns, large formats, 3D effects and neutral colours. Feel free to explore the different options and choose the tiles that best suit your style and needs.