Running time : 90 minutes
23 Persons
15 Artistes on stage :
6 dancers
6 musicians
3 actors

in 2D et 3D by slides projected from back stage.
Vidéo sequences

which link the different scenes follow the everyday life of the dancer and are projected on a gauze screen at the front of the stage.
85 costumes
4 dressers
4 technicians : 1 lighting technician, 1 stage manager, 1 video technician, 1 general technician.
10 dance scenes tracing the history of oriental dance :

- The cabaret
- The matriarchal period
- The baladi
- 19th century Cairo : from the palace to the tavern.
- The golden age of the Egyptian musical comedy films.
- The Andlusian market.
- The Ghawazies (Egyptian gypsies)
- The patriarchal period
- Homage to Loie Fuller
- The final scene :
The meeting of East-West
The veils dance
dance to percussion solos