La déesse Mère, the Goddess Mother, is a tale which introduces the spectator into the universe of the Oriental Dance through various time, from dawn of humanity to our modern times.
The tale is support chosen to put in light the poetry which emanates from this still often understimated secular art.
With this spectacle, the Compagny El Hayet invites you to share the best of this discipline and to enrich your
knowledge on this mysterious world that is the Oriental Dance !
Running time : 90 minutes
14 Persons

10 Artistes on stage :
4 dancers
5 musicians
1 story teller (does the link between danced pictures)

2 dressers
2 technicians :
1general technician
1 lighting technician

60 costumes

The infographique decoration in the back stage with a projector Hardware is optional.

10 dance scenes tracing the history of oriental dance :

- The cabaret
- The matriarchal period
- The baladi
- 19th century Cairo : from the palace to the tavern.
- The golden age of the Egyptian musical comedy films.
- The Andlusian market.
- The Ghawazies (Egyptian gypsies)
- The patriarchal period
- Homage to Loie Fuller
- The final scene :
the meeting of East-West
the veils dance
dance to percussion solos